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First Date Tips for All Women

It’s not uncommon for people to hit bad streaks when it comes to dating. After several unfortunate experiences in a row anyone may feel like giving up. But the most important aspect of dating, whether you are a man or a woman, is perseverance through the hard times. WaitingAfter all, if you give up completely, then you reduce your chances of meeting that special someone down to zero. As long as you stay open to possibilities there will always be opportunities to meet new people. No one ever said dating was easy, but the rewards of sticking with it can be tremendous. If you’re looking for dating tips that might help your situation please read on.

Some women like to be fashionably late but it’s time to move into the 21st century. You don’t have to rely on cheap tricks to attract your man, and he will actually appreciate it a lot more if you show up on time. If he is supposed to pick you up then be ready right when he gets there. There are other ways to entice him without being rude, so don’t resort to tricks like these.

It’s always a good idea to get an indication of where you will be going on your first date. This will help you to decide how to dress. You always want to look the best that you can give and the situation, but if he plans to take you rock climbing you are obviously not going to wear a brand new dress. So once you know where you’re going plan your outfit to look great.

It’s important to be able to engage in an interesting conversation, but don’t forget about listening to him as well. Many women make the mistake of talking too long about various things that may or may not be engaging. Try to keep the flow of conversation even so that both parties get a chance to speak. And stay away from talking about your past or how you tried to get your ex back two years ago. It’s time to live in the present and treat each experience as a fresh chance for a new start.

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Brazilian Keratin Treatment

long hairFor women with fine, curly hair, summer can be a nightmare. Heat and humidity wreak havoc on this very common hair type, leaving it fluffy and frizzy and its owner wanting to pull her hair out! Anti-humidity hair products can work to an extent, but for lasting smooth and shiny hair, nothing beats the Brazilian keratin treatment.

The Brazilian straightener is not your grandmother’s relaxer. Lye relaxers strip strands down, weakening hair and leaving locks lifeless. Brazilian Keratin is different. It coats your hair with a protecting cover of keratin, the protein that is naturally found in hair and nails. Hair that is frizzy, unruly and tangly is transformed into silky, manageable hair that’s impervious to humidity.

The word “transformation” is not hyperbole – for women who have battled their whole lives with an untameable mane, this straightening treatment is nothing short of a miracle. And while it won’t make your hair grow faster, its protective coating can help your locks reach new lengths.

It is temporary, of course, as your hair will continue to grow in its naturally wild ways. Also, the keratin coating eventually wears off over time with normal shampooing. If you avoid the ocean and products with sodium chloride – these will strip the Brazilian blowout, as it’s sometimes called, right out of your hair – you can expect it to last three to four months.

Different salons will likely use different brands, and prices will vary, but shoulder-length hair will take two to three hours to do and cost anywhere from $200 to $300 or more, although where I live, I’ve seen Brazilian salons advertising $99 specials occasionally.

For more hair care tips visit How To Grow Hair.

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Direct Hair Implants Work Wonders For Baldness

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IF you heard about hair implants a few years ago I am sure there were lots of horror stories in the telling, such as scars and full scalp bandages and that sort of thing. Well the implants of today are not your Grandad’s implants. The old method for combating hair loss was messy and required a long recuperation time because of the nature of the surgery and the fact that the technology did not allow for the manipulation of individual hair follicles. This has all changed with the advent of the Direct Hair Implant system.

Direct hair implants are different, and much improved, because micro-surgical techniques now allow the cosmetic surgeon to individually remove the hair follicle and surrounding glands and vascular system for implant. The old hair implant method actually required that a strip of scalp be cut out, usually at the back of the head, and the resulting hole sewn up. Of course this caused scarring. The strips of scalp would then be handed off to a team of medical assistants who would remove each individual hair follicle under a microscope. They would then clean and prepare the follicles so the surgeon could implant them into the balding area. As you can imagine this was a very invasive procedure with a lot of blood and a long healing process.

The direct method allows for the removal of each individual hair follicular unit directly from the scalp area to be used for donation. The follicles can then be implanted into very small incisions in the scalp of less than one millimeter in diameter. This individual manipulation not only is less invasive but it also has lowered the hair implants cost because the surgeon can do the work with only one assistant. It has also allowed for a much quicker recovery time. You can now carefully wash the scalp within 3 days and at a weeks time the follicles have usually become very well established.

As hair loss options for men go, this is a great one; you owe it to yourself to look into direct hair implantation.

Home Remedies to Treat Oily Hair

You don’t need to go to a pro stylist or doctor or spend too much money just to treat your oily hair. Good solutions can be found around the home! Sometimes, what is inside your house can actually be the best way to prevent such oily hair.

Here are some homemade remedies for oily hair:

glass of beerBeer – If you have really slick hair, try to use fresh beer as a setting lotion on your hair. You should rinse your hair with beer after shampooing to achieve a brilliant shine that is anything but greasy.

Dishwashing liquid – Find a liquid dishwashing that has degreasing properties. All you need to do is to mix 2 or 3 drops of liquid into your hand with a dab of shampoo. Wash out with warm water.

Cider Vinegar – Fill a basin with water and put 1/4 cup of cider vinegar inside. After that, soak your hair in the apple cider vinegar treatment. Then after a few minutes, rinse it thoroughly with warm water.

Bumble and Bumble Dry ShampooShampoo – Make sure your shampoo is not labeled as moisturizing or you could be adding to your problem without realizing it. Hair powders such as Bumble and Bumble dry shampoo can help soak up extra oil on your scalp and make your hair look freshly washed even when it’s not.

Cornstarch – Cornstarch is like a natural dry shampoo. Shake some on your hair toward the scalp and then buff it out with a towel to minimize the greasy look.

Natural astringents – Astringents such as witch hazel will help your scalp produce less oil on your scalp. For best results, mix it with mouthwash and apply it with a cotton ball on you scalp. If you find your hair too oily then you can apply this mixture each time you shampoo.

Essential oils – Another way is to use an essential oil. All you have to do is to add 8 drops of rose geranium essential oil as well as 8 drops of lemon grass essential oil to an 8 ounce bottle of the shampoo that you use regularly.

As you can see, the solution to your oily hair problem might already be lurking around your house. Try these natural means to see if they work for you before shelling out for more expensive treatments.

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