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Spanish Language Software Courses

IF you want – or need – to learn Spanish fast, a quality Spanish language software course might be just the thing to get you on your way and pronto!

There are several on the market. Possibly the most well know is Rosetta Stone. It teaches Spanish by immersing you in it so much that nothing is translated into English. It’s heavy on images, so it’s perfect for visual learners. Whether you realize it or not, that is most of us. The program is easy to use and features speech recognition to give you feedback on your pronunciation. However, some users have said they would have liked more instruction on grammar and sentence structure.

Fluenz is not as well-known, but this learn Spanish software gets high marks from users for its comprehensive approach and lessons that are geared toward tourists and business people. It has visual components as well, but unlike Rosetta Stone, includes grammar instruction.

The best option is a program called Rocket Spanish – a digital training course that teaches Spanish in a fast and comprehensive way in just 8 weeks. While the lessons are structured in that time frame, you can go at your own pace. It is perfect if you need to learn Spanish fast to secure a new job, for instance, or fulfill a school requirement, or prepare for traveling to a Spanish-speaking locale. You can buy the physical product, but you can also purchase the full course for instant download and start learning Spanish right now. The download also costs less, but the choice is yours.

One advantage of learning Spanish software over, say, a formal course is that you can fit it into your schedule instead of having to find time to go to class. A formal course can cost 5 to 10 times more, and if you have to miss a class, you still have to pay for it. Of course, a class is great because you have a professional who will give you instant feedback and interaction with other people who are interested in learning Spanish, too. But for convenience, Spanish software can’t be beat. (And make mom smile by learning how to say Happy Mother’s Day in Spanish.)

So whatever the reason you want to be able to speak Spanish, check out these choices, but for the money, Rocket Spanish probably offers the best value.

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Learn Spanish Fast with These Tips

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WANT to learn Spanish fast? Here are some great and easy tips to get you on your way – pronto!

Check your local community college or community center for a Spanish language course. But we know fitting a formal class into your busy life can be as much of a challenge as learning a new language! If you can great; if you can’t get a comprehensive Spanish computer course for self study at home. In fact, even if you are able to take a class, learn Spanish software is a fantastic supplement to your formal studies. Get one you can listen to in your car as well.

Another way to use up wasted time, perhaps if you commute by bus or train, is to have flash cards in Spanish with you. They are inexpensive or you can even make your own with small index cards. They are a great way to reinforce Spanish words, phrases, verb conjugations – anything you’re having trouble with.

Watch Spanish movies, TV shows and even the news in Spanish. You will find that your comprehension improves, and it also helps to train your ear to hearing the language in different Spanish accents. Practice Spanish by trying to imitate the pronunciation of the native speakers you hear on TV. Keep a Spanish dictionary handy so that you can look up unfamiliar words.

Label items all over your home in their Spanish equivalent. The purpose is twofold: seeing Spanish words will reinforce the spelling of the words visually, and saying them out loud will help commit them to memory. Soon you won’t need the labels anymore to know how to say chair (silla), carrots (zanahorias) or candle (vela).

If you can, take a long trip to a Spanish-speaking locale. Choose places that are a bit off the beaten track because in big cities or touristy towns, you are more likely to come across people who speak English, as well as signage and other printed material in English. To get the most out of your Spanish-learning vacation, immerse yourself in the language. Learn Spanish fast with Spanish software

Lastly, the key to learn Spanish fast is to be steady and consistent in your studies.